//Intervention Journal Call for Papers PM+

Intervention Journal Call for Papers PM+

By StephanDeGeus, July 29, 2020

Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Areas

Call for papers on Problem Management Plus

Deadline for submissions: 30th September 2020

Intervention plans to devote a special section on Problem Management Plus (PM+) and related interventions in the February 2021 issue, accompanied by webinars for practitioners. We are seeking to increase awareness of scalable psychological interventions, in particular in documenting learning in the implementation of PM+. Funding for the special section has been provided by the STRENGTHS Project.

PM+ has been developed by the WHO for use in settings affected by adversity and has four different versions. The EC-funded STRENGTHS project has adapted PM+ for use with Syrian refugees and is testing different versions of PM+ and related scalable psychological interventions, including EASE and a self- help application for phone. The Strengths Consortium is also looking at cost effectiveness and strategies for implementing PM+ in different country contexts in Europe and the Middle East.

We would like to collect a wide range of contributions for the special section in Intervention including research papers, field reports and personal reflections by humanitarian workers. This could include, for example, an account of how PM+ and related interventions have been adapted to specific contexts in a host country, or a description of the process of translating and adapting materials or a review of how the effectiveness of PM+ can be costed and evaluated. We would like to encourage practitioners, including ‘lay providers’ such as refugees themselves to share the lessons they have learned and to make this knowledge available to others including those who work in humanitarian settings elsewhere in the world.

We are inviting short papers (maximum word count of 5000 words, excluding the abstract and references), field reports (maximum word count of 4000 words) and personal reflections (maximum word count of 3000 words). Papers will be selected on criteria such as their relevance to the field, methodological rigour and level of innovation. We particularly welcome those who may wish to publish their work for the first time and in these circumstances, we offer support in writing for publication. A group of guest editors will be invited to join Wendy Ager, editor in chief, Intervention, in reviewing the submissions.


Please submit your article to http://www.journalonweb.com/intv/

Information for authors on preparing a manuscript is available here: http://www.interventionjournal.org/contributors.asp

For this special section, the author fee will be waived.

For more information or discussion of potential ideas, please contact Wendy Ager, editor in chief, Intervention, at w.ager@arq.org

Intervention, the Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Settings, is an open access journal which is published twice a year. It is hosted by Arq International. We publish peer-reviewed articles that are relevant to individuals working in conflict affected areas and to those working with refugees from areas of conflict around the world. We also welcome papers on mental health and psychosocial support in settings with limited formal resources of chronic adversity that are not directly related to war or violence, as well as papers situated within complex humanitarian emergencies. We encourage submissions from a wide range of practitioners, researchers, academics and policymakers involved in mental health and psychosocial support.

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Intervention Journal Call for Papers PM+


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