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Prof. Richard Bryant
University of New South Wales

The School of Psychology at UNSW, which will be participating in this project, is ranked 16th in the QS World Rankings. The School of Psychology at UNSW is located in the Faculty of Science and has approximately 40 academic staff, 1600 undergraduate students and 150 postgraduate students. The School of Psychology is one of the two top-ranked psychology departments in Australia, and its faculty has leading research expertise in researching traumatic stress, cross-cultural research, psychopathology, animal neuroscience, and cognition and emotion.
Prof. Bryant is a leading researcher in the field of posttraumatic stress. He has conducted multiple randomized controlled trials of psychological interventions for populations affected by PTSD and grief, including studies in low and middle income countries such as Kenya, Indonesia, and Thailand. Prof. Bryant has also conducted hundreds of studies on the mechanisms that promote resilience following trauma and adversity, including social, behavioural, and cognitive processes that help people adapt to adversity. He collaborated with the World Health Organization in the development of PM+ and the initial trials of PM+ in Pakistan and Kenya. He has published 3 books, 70 book chapters, and over 480 journal articles on traumatic stress and related conditions, and these have been cited over 30,000 times. Prof. Bryant has been actively involved in translation of research findings into practical applications, and consults to many government and non-government organizations in Australia and around the world.