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STRENGTHS research explained

By Louise Juul Hansen, August 27, 2018

In a series of short vidoes researchers in the STRENGTHS project explain the variuous methodologies and sub components of the research in the project.

Cultural adaptation of scalable interventions

Before the PM+ interventions are tested with Syrian refugees across the Middle East and Europe, they need to be translated and adapted to fit the culture and needs of the target group. Pernille Hansen of Danish Red Cross explains the process of cultural adaptiation in the STRENGTHS project

Testing PM+ interventions

Dr. Naser Morina, University Hospital Zürich and Prof. Richard Bryant, University of New South Wales will be testing how well the PM+ interventions can reduce psychological distress in refugees. They will be testing PM+ interventions in two very different health systems: the Swiss and the Jordanian.


Responsiveness of health systems

How responsive are health systems to the mental health needs of Syrian refugees? This is the main question asked by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the other project partners in the work package “Health Systems Evaluation”.

In this short video Professor Bayard Roberts explains why it is important to understand how Syrian refugees can or cannot access mental health services in their host countries and how this knowledge can help not only the STRENGTHS project partners but other mental health and psychosocial support actors provide better services.

Other news

User-centered app adaptation of a low-intensity e-mental health intervention for Syrian refugees

Open access article describing the development of the mobile mental health intervention of STRENGTHS called Step-by-Step:


Further reading by STRENGTHS partners

Several STRENGTHS collaborators were involved in new publications that are relevant for the project:


New book: Trauma – Flucht – Asyl: Ein interdisziplinäres Handbuch für Beratung, Betreuung und Behandlung

A German language book on mental health of refugees with trauma complaints will be available in bookshops and online as of this week. Three of the four editors are STRENGTHS collaborators: Naser Morina, Matthis Schick, and Ulrich Schnyder who are all from the University of Zurich. A quote from the foreword, written by Peter Ventevogel (UNHCR)

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