Publications from the STRENGTHS project and other useful resources

Several STRENGTHS collaborators were involved in new publications that are relevant for the project:

Scalable psychological intervention in Lebanon:

Scalable psychological intervention with refugees:

PM+ in Kenya:

PM+ in Nepal:

Mental health issues of refugees in the Netherlands:

Scientific publications

The first scientific article of the STRENGTHS project has been published, in the European Journal of Psychotraumatology. The paper is written by Marit Sijbrandij, Associate Professor at VU Amsterdam and coordinator of the consortium, and her colleagues. It describes why the project is needed and what the consortium intends to do:
Strengthening mental health care systems for Syrian refugees in Europe and the Middle East: integrating scalable psychological interventions in eight countries

Further reading

The STRENGTHS project adapts Problem Management Plus (PM+) a ‘scalable psychological intervention’ for use amongst Syrian refugees. The PM+ intervention has not been tested in this group yet but in the last few years several research articles have been published about the intervention. Part of our work was to collect and review the available literature. Some interesting articles providing background to Problem Management Plus are:

General information about PM+:

Results of randomised controlled trials:

Research protocols: