//Istanbul Sehir Universitesi, Department of Psychology



Dr. Ceren Acaturk
Istanbul Sehir Universitesi, Department of Psychology

Established in 2008 by the Foundation for Science and Arts, İstanbul Şehir University (ŞEHİR) has accepted its first students in 2010-11. ŞEHİR has a solid foundation of knowledge in the areas of social sciences and humanities while it expands its research potential towards Engineering and Natural Sciences.

Sehir’s Department of Psychology has research specializations representing a wide range of fields including developmental psychology, social psychology, organizational psychology, clinical psychology, and cognitive psychology. Due to the recent Syrian refugee crisis, one of focus of the department is to conduct studies related to epidemiology and treatment of mental health disorders among Syrian refugees. In collaboration with NGO’s and governmental institutions, treatment studies have been conducted with adult and child Syrian refugees. Besides the clinical psychology, the faculty members are interested in cultural and social psychology aspects of the refugee crisis. Our research aims to investigate the mental and social problems of the refugee community while providing capacity building to various NGO’s providing service to refugees.

Dr. Ceren Acaturk has expertise in mental health issues of Syrian refugees residing in Turkey. She conducted one of the first randomized controlled trials of EMDR for Syrian refugees in refugee camp settings and has several other projects focused on mental health interventions for Syrian adults and children. She supervises the Project Lift (Maya Foundation) which aims to provide art therapy-based psychosocial support for Syrian children living in Istanbul.