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Sadaf Kaykha (Project Coordinator)
War Trauma Foundation

War Trauma Foundation strengthens mental health care and psychosocial support through capacity building and development and dissemination of expertise through the implementation of programmes in (post) conflict areas. War Trauma Foundation develops and evaluates new methods in close cooperation with (local) partner organisations ensuring the inclusion of cultural and contextual aspects as well as long term sustainability.

War Trauma Foundation’s research program is concentrating on low intensity interventions and community based support. There is no definition on exactly what constitutes a low-intensity intervention but they share some common practices or characteristics. Low- intensity interventions use fewer resources. They are usually delivered or supported through workers without a formal mental health professional training. And they are generally implemented in real-life settings. Through research, WarTrauma tries to improve services for people living with mental health problems and psychological disabilities in under-resourced locations.

In addition, War Trauma Foundation has 20 years of experience in training, dissemination of knowledge to low resource settings. Together with World Vision and WHO, War Trauma developed the Psychological First Aid (PFA) Guide for Filieldd Workers and with IFRC, WarTrauma developed the Lay Counselling Guide.

Website: http://www.wartrauma.nl/